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  Languages which we are able to translate from/into are the followings:

  Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Russian, French, Vietnamese language , Thai language, Indonesia language, Arabic, Spanish, Korea language, Cambodia language, Laos language, Burmese, Malay language, Italian, Turkish, Farsi, Mongolian, Ukraine language, Nepali……

   The translation of minority language furthermore is the characteristic of Lingsai. The price we offered is competitive edge; the high translation quality furthermore gives us the best public praise!

We are good at translating the following documents:

  Large project bidding document, various business plan, Feasibility Study Report, Commerce, professional law document, corporation synopsis and machine introduction, machine fixing, debugging, product introduce, large equipment product line, market research report, finance and economics analysis report……

  Value-added Services: Construction and maintenance of web in different languages

Fields of translation Services:

  Construction, electric power, medicine, law, machine, auto, energy sources, finance, various business letter, communication, computer, petroleum chemical, electron, metallurgy, environmental protection , traffic, foodstuff, aviation, agriculture, literature and locale interpretation……


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